The End of Transcription Anxiety

One of our users told us a story of when he first joined Upstate. At first, he stressed out every time he took an Upstate because he was unsure of whether Upstate got the transcription right. When he realized that Upstate keeps all of your audio, he felt ten pounds lighter. Even if the transcription was wrong, he could always go back to the source. 

Upstate eliminates transcription anxiety. Capturing your thoughts quickly is pointless if you have to repeat yourself over and over until you beat your speech recognition tech into submission. 

With Upstate, you just press, talk, and get on with your life.

Francis Kim
See Your Upstates on Your Apple Watch

Since we launched Upstate, the most frequently requested feature has been the ability to read your Upstates on your Apple Watch. Now you can!

  • When you see “Tap to Record”, simply swipe left to see a list of all of your recent Upstates

  • All of your Upstates are color coded by category for quick recall

  • If you’re disconnected, your notes will show up as “pending” until you’re reconnected. Don’t worry that you can’t confirm the transcription -- you will always have access to the source audio. 

Francis Kim
Just Added: Research Category

By popular request, we’ve added a new auto-category: “Research.” Research is for all of those things that you want to look up but don’t have time at the moment. Movie reviews, articles, interesting subjects, whatever tickles your fancy.

To use “Research”, just start your upstates with “Look up”, “Research”, “Look into”, “What is”, “Who did”, or something similar!

Francis Kim